The user-owned software concept brings a whole new dimension to the relationship between developers and users. It puts users in full control of important decisions concerning everything from the depths of functional integration to surface look and feel. Never again do users face the frustration of having to make do with what developers thought they might need, for they themselves bring their knowledge and advice to the table. The result is the best possible app for every niche.



Time Management

Manage practitioner and patient time, schedule health care appointments and set SMS and email reminders.


A simple, intuitive diary designed to fit more onto your screen. It offers an overview of practitioner and staff working times, and quickly converts appointments into medical treatment records.

Scheduling Manager

Manages appointments and enables easier treatment scheduling through an online portal. You set the times and duration of appointments, so you will never face double-bookings or inefficient scheduling again.

Appointments Manager

Manages appointment content and two-way communication, making it easy to manage changing schedules and reduce cancellations. It’s the ultimate healthcare management software that allows you to create, reschedule and delete appointments.

Reminder System

Automated reminder emails or text messages can be scheduled for any time of the day or night. Alternatively, you can simply send out messages as required. Either way, patients will never forget an appointment again.



Manage medical procedures, visualize healthcare treatments, manage patient visits, create useful forms and track medical supply inventory.

Procedure Manager

Choose from a wide range of aesthetic treatment plans from the treatment description chart, track the remedies used and follow patient progress or development. Effortlessly create a real patient database with all healthcare and other information to communicate effectively and keep track of appointments and monitor patient history.

Visual Representation of Treatments

Visualize procedures on dummy photos or real before and after pictures. Compare your before and after images from any angle with our “Compare Images” functionality. Attach an unlimited number of photos for each healthcare patient as an integral part of their records.

Visits Manager

Enable easy management of visits related to the same treatment. The patient can input or update their data and general complaints or compliments pertaining to their visit as well as digitally sign all necessary forms and documents.

Consent Form Editor

Use this function to create and assign the consent forms attached either to the patient or the treatment. Allow your clients to fill out & sign custom forms associated with their appointments. A client can even fill out electronic medical forms and view pre/post-treatment instructions.

Medication Supply Tracker

Easily track and reconcile medical and healthcare supplies to demand and generate purchase orders. System reports include a purchase transaction history to reflect detailed inventory activity and counts. It also allows you to maintain a price list history for all products with effective dates to monitor and manage price movements.


Data and Marketing

Analyse and collate healthcare data, generate statistics graphics and create medical marketing campaigns.

Data Analysis

An ideal tool for the analysis of treatments. Create an individual record card for each client and add an unlimited number of notes, documents, invoices, prescriptions and treatment records, making it easy to generate summaries or detailed overviews of every aspect of the medical office operation.

Statistics Charts

Create visual representations of a whole spectrum of data, including revenue flows, patient management aspects, discount tracking and inventory levels. All reports can be printed or saved as PDFs to email to colleagues or keep as records.

Marketing Tool

reach out to current and potential new clients with a custom search, social media, and promotional offers. Loyalty and Rewards Programs mean that you can now add additional value to your services. Encourage return customers by offering them loyalty points.

Email Editor

enhance your marketing impact and keep clients engaged with customized emails and texts created from templates that will transmit automatically based on your criteria, so you can quickly and easily promote your business and increase your revenue.


Knowledge & IGJ – Proof

Analyze healthcare data, generate statistics graphics, create medical marketing campaigns.

AI-based Knowledge

Your one-stop shop for everything you need to become an Aesthetic Record Expert. Whether it’s self-paced video learning, helpful articles or obliging tips, you can find up-to-date resources and information right here!

IGJ – Proof

Complies with IGJ Quality and the healthcare safety management system, ISO27001 certification and it is GDPR proof with policy, agreement, data breach protocol, etc. Secure online data backup, secure cloud infrastructure.


Security and data management

We use industry standard OWASP protocols to analyse healthcare data, and OWASP Secure Coding Practices (see full list) to develop our app.

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